Tow days in Rome
from € 590 per person
from € 590 per group
from € 590 per person
from € 590 per group
Tow days in Rome
from € 590 per person
from € 590 per group
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Tow days in Rome

This is a fully private tour of the Vatican City and ancient Rome over two days.

Duration 8h
20 participants maximum
Service with guide

"Two Days in Rome" has been created for first time visitors to Rome who wish to immerse themselves in the concept of entire tourism service with an expert guide. Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Church and Square on day one, then the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, Palatine Hill, Imperial Fora, Piazza Venezia, Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain*, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, and Campo de’ Fiori on day two.


09:30 AM (recommended start time): We begin the entire Rome tours experience with a visit to the Vatican Museums. We begin with a study of all the major galleries therein including the magnificent Belvedere Courtyard, which houses ancient and classical pieces from which so many artists took their inspiration, Room of the Muses, the Round Room, the Greek Cross Room, Gallery of Tapestries, Gallery of Maps, and of course the magnificent Rooms of Raphael. The Sistine Chapel is for many people the "pièce de résistance" in the Vatican Museums, and we spend an appropriate length of time detailing it’s history, art, and architecture. Before entering the chapel, you will hear all about Michelangelo and his struggles in accepting and completing the work which was to become what is arguably the single most recognized painting in the world.

We then proceed to St. Peter’s Square for an overview of the Vatican City State before entering the Basilica. Here, we cover the major works of art therein, primarily Michelangelo’s beautiful Pieta’ and Dome, the Baldacchino and other works by Bernini, and the Transfiguration by Raphael. You’ll see the Crypt of St. Peter, the Holy Altar, and other monuments of artistic importance. We finish off on the portico where we’ll discuss Bernini’s piazza (St. Peter’s Square), the Obelisk, and the Swiss Guard.


14:00 PM (recommended start time): We begin day two with Rome’s greatest ever engineering accomplishment, the Colosseum. Upon entering the arena, you will learn about the history of the bloody and violent games which took place there, how gladiators lived (and survived), and understand why blood letting meant so much to ancient Roman citizens. Outside the Colosseum, you will ascend Via Sacra and enter the Roman Forum. Politics, religion, archaeology, history and tragedy abound at every turn in an incredible setting. Kings and emperors walked here in ancient times. While overbuilding has left some areas of the forum difficult to appreciate, the beautiful architecture which remains will inspire forever. You will learn about all the main structures and contribute to a discussion about Gaius Julius Caesar. Reasons behind the rise and fall of the Roman Empire will be fully explained.

The Capitoline Hill ("Campidoglio") is next. This piazza was designed by Michelangelo and offers spectacular views of both Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum. From here, a pleasant stroll brings us to Piazza Navona to see the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, and the Church of St Agnes in Agony by Borromini. You will come to understand more about the unbridled rivalry which divided these two great Baroque artists, a unique and often bitter rivalry which is evident in some of their works to the keen eyed. We then make haste to the Trevi Fountain* (closed to the public until further notice, so a tour of the temples in Largo di Torre Argentina will be included instead on an alternative route), and perhaps have a gelato nearby. Last, but certainly not least, we visit the magnificent Pantheon, Marcus Agrippa’s temple to all gods, rebuilt on many occasions and used today by Roman Catholics as "Santa Maria della Rotonda". We discuss the construct of the dome and oculus inside this architectural masterpiece. The current version has stood intact for almost 1,900 years.

"Two Days in Rome" is fundamentally a walking tour, however, two or three short taxi rides may be necessary which are not included in tour cost above.

When you book this tour, please let us know your hotel or other accommodation address in Rome.

For security reasons, backpacks, rucksacks, large handbags, luggage etc. are banned inside the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill.

This tour IS available to book between March 30th - April 8th, however, as this is our busiest time of year, some flexibility will be required on your part as regards tour start time. Before you book this tour, please e-mail us first so we can confirm your tour start time and schedule.

Important Information
• Tour runs daily excluding Sundays.
• Tour does not run on public holidays.
• Sturdy, comfortable footwear advised.

** Vatican Museums & Colosseum - Roman Forum - Palatine Hill tickets included!

No hidden costs, English speaking guides, personalized assistance, free Rome orientation & local maps at our customer service center when you check in for your Vatican tour. Amenities include intranet points, lounge, wi-fi, rest rooms, refreshments, and a Roman gladiator photo shoot!

As a significant amount of walking is required, in the event of physical disabilities, we ask that you contact us before booking so that we can assess whether or not a wheelchair is needed. Later start times available on request.

The tour includes:

Priority skip the line Colosseum tickets
Licensed private Rome tour guide
Private Colosseum inside tour
Private Roman Forum tour
Private ancient Rome tour
Private Rome city centre tour
Priority skip the line Vatican tickets
Licensed private Vatican tour guide
Private Vatican City tour
Private extended Vatican Museums tour
Private Sistine Chapel tour
Private Vatacombs tour
Private St. Peter’s Basilica tour

The tour does not include:

Short taxi rides

Photos of this tour

Tour meeting point

On site meeting points. Your guide will meet you at your hotel at 09:00 AM on day one if you request it when you book.

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