Sightseeing in Rome Italy
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from € 75 per person
from € 75 per group
Sightseeing in Rome Italy • Rome Baroque Segway PT Authorized Tour
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from € 75 per person
from € 75 per group
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Sightseeing in Rome Italy • Rome Baroque Segway PT Authorized Tour

 (7 Reviews) 

Sightseeing in Rome Italy: Discover Rome’ Baroque side, and find out one of the nicest, and most charming cities in the world.

Duration 3h
8 participants maximum

Sightseeing in Rome Italy
Meeting point -departure and end of the ride- in via Ludovisi 60 -GPS 41°54’23.0"N 12°29’10.0"E-, near via Veneto, an ideal place for getting familiar with your Segway PT, whereby you will reach Piazza Farnese, with the prestigious view of Palazzo Farnese on your back. Next to it, Campo de’ Fiori, the most ancient open air fruit and vegetable market in Rome: this is the “quintessential square of the Romans”.

Nearby, we will discover Piazza Navona: the Baroque Rome’s lounge, stage for the masterpieces of the two main artists of the 17th century, Bernini and Borromini. Walking along the Senate building, we will get to the Pantheon, round temple par excellence, splendid example for generations of modern and ancient architects.

We will go, then, to Piazza di Pietra, a place that is not well-known, but very charming: it owes its name to the presence of the Tempio di Adriano, whose side (that is almost intact), today has been absorbed by the “Borsa” building.

If the pedestrian traffic allows it, we will get to Fontana di Trevi, surely the most spectacular and famous of Rome’s fountains, that shows the Acqua Vergine, the aqueduct built by Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, in Rome, in 19 b.C. to fuel his Thermae.

We pass, then, in front of Montecitorio, where, since 1871, there is the Camera dei Deputati. From his design, to its present look, the Bulding passed through different phases and interventions made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Carlo Fontana and Ernesto Basile. Inside, there are works of Rosai, Carrà, De Chirico,Viani, Boldini, Campigli and among the paintings, the Marriage at Cana, of Paolo Veronese school.

Walking through Via dei Coronari, the street of Roman antiques, we get to one of the most famous monuments in Rome: Castel Sant’Angelo, with its cryptic atmospheres. Let’ have a look, now, to S. Peter’s square perspective, Bernini’s masterpiece.

Entering Via Giulia and crossing Ponte Sisto, we penetrate to Trastevere, where we will see Santa Maria in Trastevere Basilica, the true heart of popular Rome. Now it is time to come back from where we started.

CSTRents guarantees a top quality service and the high competence of the supplying team.

Tour starts:
- 10.00 am
- 03.00 pm

From 01 May to 31 October tour starts:
- 10.00 am
- 03.00 pm
- 06.00 pm


Participate in one of our Segway PT Tours and discover the newest and most fun way to visit a city of art and its most important tourist sites. CSTRents guarantees a high quality staff, which lives up to the high standard of service. Have fun with us utilizing the most incredible transportation means of the XXI century! Don’t miss out on discovering the most beautiful cities riding a Segway PT.

CSTRents provides tour services in several cities with different features.

There could be a minimum number of participants required for this special offer (generally at least four). It’s necessary to verify case by case in each tour schedule.

There could be a minimum number of participants required for this special offer (generally at least two). It’s necessary to verify case by case in each tour schedule. It takes place without a tour guide. The assistance of a CSTRents staff member is guaranteed for the duration of the whole tour, even in the case in which the audio guide is not available (please keep in mind that the “audio guide” service is considered additional but free of charge, unlike the service option of an “escort”).

If You choose Exclusive Vip Tours you don’t need to ensure a minimum number of participants and you can have a fast confirmation of your reservation. These tours in particular suit people who want a superior service, attended only by the guide and without other and unknown participants.

The tours start with a 30-minute orientation session: we will practice in order to make every participant comfortable and able to perfectly handle the Segway PT, and to leave conquesting the best sites in the world. CSTRents escort will be present for the entire duration of the tours in order to guarantee fun with high safety. Once confident with the Segway PT, we will begin the tour, giving you the opportunity to visit the places of highest historical, artistic and tourist interest.

Prices and admission particulars are showed in the cards concerning each Tours.

All of our guides are qualified professionals and have a Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects (art, history, foreign languages). This is to guarantee you the highest quality of service. In addition, they will delight you with amusing anecdotes and little unknown secrets of the city. We will provide you also with a set of headphones in order to more comfortably follow the explanations of your guide. The tours are provided in different languages depending on your requests.

Segway PT rental
30 min. orientation
Tourist guide or audio guide or escort service
Set of headphones
Raincoat in case of rain

Riding Segway PT is not allowed to people younger than 16 years old (and to people who weighs less than 45 kg or more than 113 kg) and to those people whose disability doesn’t permit to step on or get off Segway easily and without help. The members of CSTRents attend directly to products here promoted and they assure success and quality of the services supplied.

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Tour meeting point

Via Ludovisi, 60, 00187 Roma, Italia
-GPS 41°54’23.0"N 12°29’10.0"E-

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