Rome Walking Tours
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Rome Walking Tours • Walking Tour Ancient and Old Monuments of Rome
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from € 34 per person
from € 34 per group

Rome Walking Tours • Walking Tour Ancient and Old Monuments of Rome

 (4 Reviews) 

Rome Walking Tours: Be guided through the most exciting monuments of Rome such as the Colosseum and Roman Forum with Trevi Fountain and Patheon and to complete this fantastic walking tour, Piazza Navona. Come and discover the ancient and old monuments of Rome.

Duration 3h
20 participants maximum
Service with guide
Skip the line

Rome Walking Tours: discover the very unique Colosseum with its financial quarter called Roman Forum. Explore Via dei Fori Imperiali with its temples.
Be guided to the Trevi Fountain where you can throw a coin in it and make a wish
Marvel at the Ancient Roman Pantheon with its enormous dome and widest hall right at the top
To complete this worderful walking tour you guide will lead you to Piazza Navona

Starting Time Tour: French 9am - English and German 9:30am - Spanish 10am
Languages Tour: English - German - Spanish - French
Location Appointment : Arch of Constantine
Group size: 20 guests

Detailed Product Description
Enjoy a fantastic walking tour to the most important ancient and old monuments of the eternal city, Rome. From the start to the end of the visit, the guide will tell you the historical information, arts and facts of those fabulous monuments that made Rome famous in the rest of the world.

Visit inside the greatest amphitheater ever built in the history, the Colosseum. Built in the valley between the Palatine, Esquiline and Caelian, is now the emblem of Rome. Despite much damage by fires, earthquakes and looting, it has survived the centuries and still today the most world impressive ancient monument ever built in the Roman period. Building works began in A.D. 72 under the Emperor Vespasian and inaugurated by his son and successor Titus in A.D. 80. Spectators were accommodate to watch gladiators contests, animal hunts and naval battles.

Then step in to the commercial, religious, political and legal center of the ancient city of Rome, the Roman Forum. The valley of the Forum, lying between the Palatine, the Capitol and the first slopes of the Viminal and the Quirinal. An expert licensed guide, will give you a full introduction of this second site of the tour. The Tabularium, Temple of Concord, Temple of Saturn and Vesta, an the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina will be part of the interior visit of this unique ancient quarter of Roman period.

The Imperial Forum of Caesar, originally built to meet the need for more space than was available in the old political and administrative center. The start of this project began in the 1st century BC as Caesar wanted to extend the Roman Forum immediately adjacent to it and at the very foot of the citadel on the Capitol.

Once this part of the tour has finished, you will be guided to one of the most famous fountain in the world, Trevi Fountain. So, as the legend goes, you must throw a coin in it and make a wish. Built by Nicola Salvi between 1732 and 1762 in the form of triumphal arch where the sculpture of the ocean’s God stands.

Then the Pantheon, a splendid temple in honor of all the Olympian Gods erected by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, son-in-law of the Emperor Augustus. Built in the 27 BC, Augustus refused to have it consecrated to himself so he decided to have his statue inside the porch. Therefore, this ancient temple, was named as the Pantheon. The breathtaking interiors with the largest dome ever built in concrete will draw your eyes to the round opening at the top where light falls evenly into the space.

And, to top up the visit, why not adding the breathtaking Stadium of Domitian as called today Navona Square built by the Emperor Domitian around 85 AD and used for athletic games, musical and poetic competitions that were hold near by Odeon. Inspired by Greek models, it could hold up to 30.000 spectator at times.

Additional Information
Please note:
This tour operates with a maximum of 20 guests.

All those under 18 years old must bring a valid ID with picture to prove the age. Failing this, the admission fees will be charged on the day prior tour departure.
All those over 65 years old from any European country, must bring a valid ID to be able to have free admission fees.

Good walking shoes are suggested.

The tour includes:

Guided tour
Skip the lines to the Colosseum and Roman Forum
Professional guide
Headsets to hear your guide during the walk

The tour does not include:

Food and drinks
Pick-ups and drop-offs
Admission fees for the Colosseum and Roman Forum

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Tour meeting point

Arco di Costantino, Via di San Gregorio, 00186 Roma, Italia

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