Rome Itinerary
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Rome Itinerary • The Ancient Piazzas of Rome and its Dolce Vita
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from € 40 per person
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Rome Itinerary • The Ancient Piazzas of Rome and its Dolce Vita

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Rome Itinerary: The Ancient Piazzas of Rome and its Dolce Vita. The Roman’s sitting rooms open air including Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Saint Angels Bridge and Castle and much more all in one tour.

Duration 3h
20 participants maximum
Service with guide
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Starting Time Rome Itinerary Tour: English and German 2pm - Spanish and French 2:30pm
Languages Tour : English - German - Spanish - French
Location Appointment: Piazza del Popolo
Group size: 20 guests

Rome Itinerary Highlights:
Walk along the famous squares of Rome that made the city known as the Dolce Vita.
Learn the history of the ancient squares.
Get excited by what your eyes can see.
Admire the Navona Square with the Four River Fountain.

The excursion starts with a visit to Piazza del Popolo which was built in the 16th century beside the old parish church of Santa Maria del Popolo. An oval piazza shaped that has undergone many changes over the centuries.

Walking along the Via del Babuino, where the fountain of Babuino is situated, you will reach the famous Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Steps). The monumental stairway, in three sections, begins with a broad ascent of three flights of steps, follow in the central section by further flights curving in and out and leading to the broad ascent to the church of SS. Trinita’ del Monti at the top. In the middle of the Piazza di Spagna there is a fountain in the shape of an old half-capsized ship which was designed by Gianlorenzo Bernini in the 1627 after the river Tiber overflowed and brought a boat up here.

Then, heading down to Piazza di Trevi, you will be guided to one of the most famous square to enjoy the most famous fountain in the world: Trevi Fountain. So, as the legend goes, you must throw in the fountain a coin and make a wish.

To keep on the excited mood, we will be visiting the Piazza della Rotonda where the Pantheon found home since 27 BC.

Then we will bring you to the probably Rome’s most famous square for the Dolce Vita. Today, Piazza Navona retains the form of a stadium which was originally used for games and sporting competitions and, just later, for animals fights and gladiatorial combats.

Ponte St. Angel and the St. Angel Castle are the final part of this unique walking tour. The St. Angel Bridge is regarded as one of the finest ancient bridges in Rome.
Across the bridge there is a route that leads to the castle. During the years, a brick structure was added at the top of the castle to make room for the papal apartments. Today those apartments are used as display for sculptures, paintings and weapons.

Good to Know:
This tour departs with a maximum of 20 guests.
Saint Angels Castle will be visited only from outside. If you wish to enter the monument, you may do so alone after the tour is terminated.
Good walking shoes are suggested. In winter time bring a raining coat and/or umbrellas. In Summer time, sun lotion if needed, umbrellas to shade off, water or other energy drinks.

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The tour does not include:

Pick up/drop off
Visit inside Saint Angels Castle.

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Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Popolo, 00187 Roma, Italia

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