Rome Food Tours
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Rome Food Tours • Eat as the romans do
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from € 80 per person
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Rome Food Tours • Eat as the romans do

 (5 Reviews) 

Rome Food Tours: eating Rome! Cured meats, delicious cheeses, pizza bites, fresh cakes, tasty pastries, and traditional gelato in the heart of ancient Rome.

Duration 3h
20 participants maximum
Service with guide

Rome Food Tours
"Eat as the Romans do" is our most popular Rome food tour

Though it is hard to find a truly bad meal in Rome, more and more restauranteurs who cater for tourists are embracing the evils of frozen pizza, microwaved pasta, and supermarket sauce. Here at When In Rome Tours we are of the opinion that truer words have never been spoken... "When in Rome, EAT as the Romans do!". Imagine visiting Rome for the first time armed with insider tips about where to find the best food and prime ingredients. With a strong emphasis on Rome’s revered street food style, we’ll criss cross the ancient city in search of mouth-watering flavours. "Eat as the Romans do" delivers sample tastings in the Jewish Ghetto, and frequent stops to savour typical delicacies and traditional Roman fare served up by local traders, epicurean boutiques, and speciality stores in Rome’s oldest markets. Our Rome food walk is the flagship food tour in Rome!

We have added the best of "Roman Pizza Tour" to our "Eat as the Romans do" experience and extended running time. Here’s what you’ll get extra!

"A late morning slice of breakfast pizza, a trip to Rome’s favourite pizza bianca in a family owned bakery, and then on to Forno Campo De’Fiori for more pizza and several tasty bites in the historic centre."

We’ve also added the best of our "Gelato Trail", which means more!

Visit a family owned artisan gelateria, where gelato is prepared using the freshest ingredients. Recognize the difference between mass produced and traditional hand made gelato. In addition to classic flavours like stracciatella, pistachio, and hazelnut, you will try more unconventional varieties like cinnamon-laced rice pudding, chocolate with Nero d’Avola wine, peach with lavender, and sage with raspberry.

"Eat as the Romans do" may not be available in August as some of our suppliers are away on vacation. Tour itinerary is subject to change without notice due to shop closings, seasonal availability, or perhaps because we happen to stumble across new and fascinating things to eat.

Important Information
• Tour runs on Mon, Wed, Fri.
• Tour does not run on public holidays.
• Minimum two (2) persons.

No hidden costs, English speaking foodie guide, personalized assistance.

The tour includes:

Rome food tour guide
Guided gastronomic tour of the best eats in Rome
Plenty of snacks and bites!
Guided tour of Rome’s legendary pizza parlours
Tuck in to loads of pizza!
Guided walk to the most exotic gelaterie in Rome
Indulge yourself!

The tour does not include:


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Tour meeting point

Piazza Mattei, 00186 Roma, Italia
10:00 AM on Piazza Mattei

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