Rome Activities
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Rome Activities • Seg & Lunch on the Tiber
from € 90 per person
from € 90 per group
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Rome Activities • Seg & Lunch on the Tiber

Rome Activities: the tour starts at our office on Piazza del Gesù, that is a pedestrian area and offers ample space to practice Segwaying. Then you will leave on the tour and discover the wonders of Baroque and Renaissance Rome... the most spectacular fountains and piazzas of the Eternal City, the masterpieces of the greatest architects of roman history...

Duration 3h
12 participants maximum
Service with guide

Rome Activities
Give yourself a turly unique and extremely fun experience of the city: a segway tour which goes around the Baroque and Renaissance parts of this ancient city until it ends on the Tiber’s riverbanks, at an unforgettable, hidden little boat-restaurant that is extremely hard to find for anyone who does not know the city!

Then, without any effort we will climb up the Pincian Hill to admire the magnificent view of the city from their terrace. We guarantee that you will remain enchanted by this beautiful view of the capital... The tour will then end on Piazza del Popolo after which we will bring you to a hidden gem of this city - a restaurant and cocktail bar on a boat on the riverbanks of the Tiber... a magical place where you will be able to relax and refresh yourselves after the tour of the city, with all of its wonders still fresh in your minds, and the calming river next to you... it’s a dream place.

We will end the tour by leaving the segways on the riverbank, and you will be able to go down to the boat-restaurant - a magical place amidst the turquoise setting of the Tiber and its surroundings. A place where you will be able to discover a simple but delicious cuisine of very high quality, and exquisite deserts in an american-style cocktail bar and restaurant of exception!

To not put any pressure on you to finish your meal quickly, we will leave you at this magical restaurant, and take the segways back to our office on Piazza del Gesù. At the restaurant you have absolute free choice of what you wish to drink or eat - you can take anything on the menu.

The cost of the lunch is not included in the tour price, however, with the tour you are given a 10% discount on the bill!

Practical information:
We leave from our office on Piazza del Gesù 47/a.

Once you have arrived at our office you will be greeted by your guide for the tour and you will have to sign an agreement before you take a segway. For security reasons we will give you a helmet to wear (as well as a fluorescent gilet if the tour is during the evening/at night).

Afterwards we will explain to you how the segway works and you will have all the time you need to try them out and get used to them on Piazza del Gesù (a pedestrian area).

And then... we’ll go on the tour!

We never hurry during these tours - the importance is for you to enjoy the tour the way you want to. If you want to stop and take photos, we will, and the same goes for wanting to take a quick rest. We will go at your own pace.

At the end of the tour we will come back to Piazza del Gesù and you will be able to take off the helmets and get off the segways in all tranquility.

The tour includes:

the guide + rental of the segways + helmets + lesson on how to drive the segways + 10% discount at the boat-restaurant
Basically, there is nothing else to pay for!

The tour does not include:

the full price of the lunch

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Tour meeting point

Piazza del Gesù, 47, 00186 Roma, Italia
Piazza del Gesù47/a, 00186, Rome

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