Modena: Jewish guided tour
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from € 110 per person
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Modena: Jewish guided tour
from € 110 per person
from € 110 per group
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Modena: Jewish guided tour

As the cities of Emilia Romagna had different political situations before the unification of Italy as a result Jewish history in this area varied greatly according to the political and social climate of the places where they lived.

Duration 2h
10 participants maximum
Service with guide

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:
The Jews of Modena, Reggio Emilia, and Ferrara had a common history under the Este family, known for their tolerance. The dukes considered Jewish settlement as beneficial for economical reasons, but this did not prevent the establishment of the ghetto (1638–1859). Modena was a centre of Jewish scholarship. Although they were confined to the ghetto they were allowed to carry on their business activities. From 1638 to 1721 the ghetto in Modena could boast 9 synagogues, 2 schools and 15 confraternities. After the war 185 Jews remained in the community and now their number had decreased to 70.

Tour Highlights:
Thanks to this tour you will learn about the Este family and their relationship with the Jews and discover where the old Ghetto, built in 1638, was. The tour starts in Piazza Roma where the Estes lived and goes down up to via Farini, via Coltellini, via Blasia, vicolo Squallore, via Torre, via del Taglio and Piazza Mazzini, heart of the old Jewish Ghetto. Due to the Jewish demographic development some other streets were added to the Ghetto in 1783. On Piazza Mazzini stands the big Italian rite synagogue, built in 1869, together with the German rite oratory.The tour goes on with the Unesco site of the Ghirlandina tower, the cathedral of Saint Geminiano and the Piazza Grande where stands the old Town hall and the city Archive where 126 file books are wrapped into Jewish manuscripts, for this reason Modena is considered the biggest deposit of recycled Jewish manuscripts in the world. Down the old Roman via Emilia you will reach Porta Sant’Agostino where the Este Library houses important Hebrew manuscripts bought in 1573.


The synagogue is open from Monday to Friday in the morning.

Reservation for the visit is to be made WELL in advance. For safety reason a copy of a Personal document must be sent to the synagogue WELL in advance, I can help you to carry out this procedure

The tour includes:

The price only includes 2,00-hours guided tour in Modena.
NO transport

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As the Jewish community of Modena is a very tiny one an offer for the Synagogue maintenaice is always well appreciated

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