Long Cagliari Segway Tour
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from € 52 per person
from € 52 per group
Long Cagliari Segway Tour
from € 52 per person
from € 52 per group
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Long Cagliari Segway Tour

A two-and-a-half hour tour (included training) which combines the best elements of the short tour, with a stop for a pleasant “aperitivo” on the romantic terrace of a Cafè in Castello, at the highest and most beautiful viewpoint of the city.

Duration 2h : 30m
7 participants maximum
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This tour will not only allow you to explore the city in a thorough and efficient way but it will transform your experience into a magic adventure. The heart of Cagliari springs and rises, bare and proud, upon a hill, which thanks to the Segway, we will reach effortlessly, especially during the sun-drenched days of the Sardinian summer.
You will have the chance to visit the hidden and fascinating tiny alleys of the old city, hardly accessible by other means of transport. Our route is enriched by pleasant pauses for you to take pictures and admire the panorama.
Starting our tour from the spectacular harbour area (Marina area), we will reach the Public garden where we will admire two beautiful 120 years old Ficus trees.
Then the old town rises, the medieval district of Castello, a rounded hilltop where historical buildings, bulwarks, antique walls and Pisan Towers are lined up, until we get to the Roman Amphitheatre.
You will then have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria built by the Pisans in 1208. The route includes some pauses for pictures at the highest and most beautiful points of the city.


Stazione Marittima, Cagliari Port
City hall
Marina area and Piazza Yenne
Obelisk Piazza Martiri
Staircase Bastione Saint Remy
Villanova District
Public Garden and Art gallery
Porta di San Pancrazio
Porta Cristina
Viale Buoncammino and Amphitheatre
Piazza Indipendenza and Castle District
San Pancrazio Tower
Royal Palace
Old City hall
Elephant Tower
Porta dei Leoni

Morning Tour: 10:00 A.M.
Afternoon Tour: 03:30 P.M.

Availability: Everyday, from 15th March to 15th December(reservation required). Availability for cruise passengers: from January to December.


- Be able to easily step on and off the Segway without assistance, this requires the physical skills needed to go up and down from the stairs without any help.

- Complete the Segway rider training and test ride.

- Users Weight limit: between 100 - 250lbs (45 to 115 kilos). Users Age limit: between 11-75 years.

- The use of the Segway is not advisable for pregnant women.

- Not wear high heels, please.

- Respect other tour guests, road signs, pedestrians, bikes and cars for a safe enjoyable ride.

The tour includes:

Training Session(about 30 min.), Rental of the Segway, Audio guide(English, German, Italian), Safety helmet, Tour guide (English speaking), Refreshment.

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Tour meeting point

Via Sardegna, 91, 09124 Cagliari, Italia

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