Discover Bologna - Private Tour
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from € 140 per person
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Discover Bologna - Private Tour
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from € 140 per person
from € 140 per group
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Discover Bologna - Private Tour

 (4 Reviews) 

Our walking tour will start from Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the city.

Duration 3h
10 participants maximum

Here is the Neptune Fountain which represents one of the most important icon of Bologna: the guide will explain us the scandal that Giambologna provoked in carving this wonderful statue (1564-1566) of the sea God.
Departing from the center, we will reach Palazzo del Comune, whose construction dates back to the XIII and XIV centuries and whose history discloses many stories and oddities. The building shows wonderful terracotta decorations in its courtyard from where a majestic staircase was built to access the Cappella Farnese, passable also by the knights on horseback. Cappella Farnese is remembered because of its opening ceremony, to which Carlo V of Hapsburg participated in 1530. Alongside of the City Hall stands the Sala Borsa, the biggest public library of Bologna. Right inside this ancient building, the modernity of the interior mixes up with the history of the Villanovian and Etruscan people: an archaeological site, dating at 1200 BC, is visible below the glass floor of the library.
The next stop-over will be Palazzo Re Enzo, named after the son of the emperor Frederick II. The palace was built between 1244 and 1246 and it kept prisoner Enzo himself from 1249 till the end of his day, 23 years after.
San Petronio is the metropolitan basilica of Bologna. Its facade attracts attention for its left undone appearance and, despite the many missing details, the church’s dimension is enormous (132 meters long) and its capacity is of 28000 people. The guide will show you the sundial, the middle portal and its low reliefs which are considered extraordinary examples of art of the XV century.
The walking tour goes on with the visit of Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, the original seat of the University of Bologna, the most ancient University of the whole world. The interior walls of the building are frescoed emblems of the students and professors who studied in this place till the early XIX century, later the University moved its headquarter. The visit to the Teatro Anatomico is particularly interesting for its complete wooden frame and the many statues of the ancient physicians made by Ercole Lelli in 1753.
Today, part of the building hosts a library with precious and unique manuscripts for a grand total of 700000 books!!
To follow, the walk through the ancient Market streets of Bologna: the scent of the traditional and fresh product will lead you to the shop-windows of the traditional small stores where pastas, knuckles of ham and wheels of cheese are displayed as in land flowing with milk and honey.
Actually, for its many excellent products, Bologna is known as ‘La Grassa’, meaning ‘The Fat’.
Our walking tour will end under the leaning Towers Garisenda and Asinelli. The two symbols of the city are 48 meters and 97.2 meters high and the respective slopes are 3.2 meters and 2.2 meters.

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