City Tours Rome
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City Tours Rome • Rome Pizza Food Walking Tour
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City Tours Rome • Rome Pizza Food Walking Tour

City Tours Rome: our food tour will be centered in Rione Monti, it is adistrict rich in historical monuments and churches and is considered the prettiest, most characteristic and off thebeaten track district of Rome.It is a hidden gem standing between Venice Square,The Forums and the Colosseum.

Duration 3h
20 participants maximum
Service with guide

City Tours Rome Highlights:
3 hours Walking Tour in to the first district of Rome.
Enjoy and learn about the three different styles of Pizzas.
Taste and discover an Old Style Italian Soda.
Italian Gelato tasting
Visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, where theNew Pope Francesco gave his first blessing!

Monti has an amazing medieval atmosphere settingthrough a maze of lanes and alleys with many smallfamily run shops and restaurants and bars to explore.You will be guided step by step through this firstand most ancient district of Rome through little alleys,with ancient medieval towers, where you canstill see the authentic parts of Rome and enter localfamily run shops and savor authentic pizza with all itsmany different ingredients, shapes and styles of baking.On your Rome Pizza and Food Tour, you’ll learnabout Italian-style soft drinks like CHINOTTO whileenjoying the neighborhood, filled with Romans, and by discovering some cultural aspects of this area whichhas a lot to tell.The first stop is at a hundred year-old bakery where,you will be introduced the PIZZA ALLA TEGLIA cooked in a special baking tin. You will also learn about the three different ways of making Italianpizzas and their relation with history in this verycharming retro-style bakery.The second stop is in a Deli or Gastronomia as a localwould say. Here you will taste pure, artisan ingredientsused as topping for the different kinds of pizza (margherita, capricciosa, etc) and also learn whichtopping to add while baking and what after.It will also be the right time to flavor the 1932 firsttypical Italian soft drink called CHINOTTO. After the Deli stop on your Rome Pizza Tour, we visitthe heart of the Monti District for a historical sight stop where our guide will share information and anecdotesabout this area of Rome also famous for housing hermajesty the Flavian Amphitheatre, aka the Colosseum.The next stop presents sliced PIZZA ALLA PALA, cooked this time not in a tin but on oven flint rock. Now it’s time to indulge your sweet tooth with an ITALIAN GELATO TASTING! With your guide you will taste the best gelato shop in Rione Monti who make their own creations by hand with seasonal ingredients. The next historical stop leads us to the most famousand largest Marian Basilica of Italy, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Completed in year 440 ad., accordingto the Mussolinian 1929 Lateran Treaty, the Basilica,located in Italian territory, is owned by the Holy See andenjoys extraterritorial status similar to that of foreign embassies.  It is here that our POPE FRANCESCO has celebrated his first mass as a Pope.Here you will also discover the tomb of one of themostimportant Italian Artists, Gianlorenzo Berniniand of Paoline Bonaparte, the sister of Napoleon.The final stop on the Rome Pizza Tour will let you sit andstretch your legs in a WOOD OVEN PIZZERIA, where you will have the chance to relax and enjoy the art of making around pizza by watching the PIZZAIOLO the pizza man.

Departure Days: from Monday to Saturday
Tour Starts: 10:15am

The tour includes:

Touristic guide, 3 Pizza tasting, Italian soda tasting, Topping tasting, Gelato tasting

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Tour meeting point

Via di Sant’Eufemia, 15, 00187 Roma, Italia

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