Activities in Rome
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Activities in Rome • Skip the Line: The Ancient Markets of Rome
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from € 38 per person
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Activities in Rome • Skip the Line: The Ancient Markets of Rome

 (5 Reviews) 

Activities in Rome: learn more with a professional guide about the Imperial Forum, the fantastic complex of ancient Trajan Markets and Museum of the Imperial Forum.
All these in 3 hours and, most important, skipping the long lines.

Duration 3h
20 participants maximum
Service with guide
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Description Activities in Rome:
You have the opportunity to have a guided visit to the Imperial Forum which was created to meet the need to have more spaces than was available in the old political centre of Ancient Rome. Carry on getting exciting while walking along the Via dei Fori Imperiali to get to the Trajan Markets. In the Ancient Rome Markets were goods such as vegetables, fruits, leather, ornaments, spices and much more that could be found all in one room. To top up our visit, we will entering the Museum of the Imperial Forum where you will visit the archaeological-sculptures-architectural: columns, niches decorations, Roman body sculptures and more than you can ever imagine.

Going on with the guide along the Via dei Fori Imperiali (Imperial Forum), the archaeologist will give you an insight of how this part of ancient Rome has changed and about the need of enlarging the existing financial quarter (Roman Forum) due to growing population, in fact in 54 BC Julius Caesar began building an annex to the existing Forum.

Then the visit to the Ancient Trajan Markets, a breathtaking building complex built by the architect Apollodorus of Damascus, consisting of shopping street of the ancient Rome where all goods were bought and sold here: fruit and vegetables, grain, spices, fish, oil and wine. The market complex also housed the state storehouses which provided food for the poor at moderate prices or even free. Six terraced floors containing over one hundred and fifty shops are to be discovered along the Via Biberatica (the Drink Road). From here, a steep stairway led to a huge market hall containing more ancient shops which must have formed the focal point of the complex.

Then walking toward the Museum of the Imperial Forum. The museum houses what was found during the excavation such as Corinthian capital decorated on three sides, piece from the lower block of an Ionic cornice, piece of the colossal statue of Genius Augusti, partial reconstruction of the niche from the wall at the far end of the portico in the Forum of Augustus, reconstruction of the attic of the Forum of Nerva and much more to blow you eyes and mind.

Good to Know:
This tour departs with a maximum of 20 guests.
Entrance fees for the Trajan Markets are not included in the rate of the tour. Those must be paid at the meeting point prior tour departure in cash only.
For all those between 18 and 25 with a valid student ID, entrance fees are €13 each.

For all those 26 years old and over, entrance fees are €15 per person.
In winter period, please bring a raining coat and/or umbrellas. In summer time, sun lotion if needed, umbrellas to shade off, water or other energy drinks.
Attention! This tour is NOT wheelchair accessible.

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