Top Tourist Attractions in Italy

Santa Maria Nascente (Duomo di Milano)

Watched over by the Madonnina, the cathedral’s high rose marble spires represent the city’s most famous artistic and religious monument. The dimensions of Christendom’s third-biggest church are still awe-inspiring at 108m high (to the tip of the tallest spire) and 158m long. A range of architectural styles features: doorways are 17th century, the central balcony from the late 18th Century and the three main upper windows early 19th-century pieces by Carlo Amati.

Address : Piazza del Duomo,Milan Italy
Zip Code : 20123
Telephone : +39 02 8646 3456
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Rating : 3 star hotel


No visit to Rome is complete without seeing its magnificent Colosseum, a vast amphitheatre with seating for 55,000 that was designed as a horse racing circuit and arena for animal fighting and gladiatorial battles. After its completion, spectacular 100-day celebrations were organized as part of the opening ceremony in 72 BC.

Address : Piazza del Colosseo,Rome Italy
Zip Code : 00184
Telephone : +39 06 3996 7700
Rating : 3 star hotel

Enoteca Cava Turacciolo

They bring plate of bread, cheese & meats to eat while you do your wine tasting. Very relaxing, no pressure and quite enjoyable. We ordered a case of wine to be shipped home. Bit expensive (shipping is costly), but nice, temporary remembrance of our trip.

Address : Salita Genazzini, 3 Bellagio ,Italy
Zip Code : 22021
Telephone : 39 031 950975
Website :
Rating : 4 star hotel

Monastero Mekhitarista

At the beginning of the 18th Century, Armenian monks arrived in Venice. These monks fled from the Moorish country after the Turkish invasion. The Serenissima (Venetians) gave them an island, which was used as a lepers’ colony in other times, hence its name San Lazzaro. Under the guidance of Pietro Mechitar, the monks founded a religious order and monastery for the Mechitarists, and a library that became a cultural center for the Armenian Diaspora.

Address : Isola San Lazzaro degli Armeni,Venezia ,Italy
Zip Code : 30124
Telephone : +39 041 526 0104
Website :
Rating : 4 star hotel

The Vatican

The Vatican is among the most important historical sites in the world. The seat of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican is also the home of the Pope. As the smallest state in the world, the Vatican has figured in key events throughout history. Occupying about one half kilometer of Rome, The Vatican is further significant because of its fabulous architecture, religious, and artistic treasures.

Address : Viale Vaticano,Rome Italy
Zip Code : 00136
Telephone : +39 06 6982
Website :
Rating : 3 star hotel

Santuario della Beata Vergine di San Luca

Erected in the Baroque style by Carlo Francesco Dotti in 1741, the long portico leading to the majestic Santuario is made up of 666 arches which run for 3500 meters from Porta Saragozza to the sanctuary on Colle della Guardia. Built in honor of an image of the Madonna, the edifice is beautiful, both for its architecture and its exclusive view. Each May the citizens of Bologna carry the figure of the Madonna around the city in procession. People travel from all over the world to take part.

Address : Via San Luca 36,Bologna ,Italy
Zip Code : 40135
Telephone : +39 051 614 2339
Website :
Rating : 4 star hotel

Galleria Principe di Napoli

Designed in 1869 by architects Nicola Breglia and Giovanni De Novellis, this ornate shopping gallery filled with stylish boutiques was built between 1876 and 1883 as part of planned improvements to Via Fosse del Grano. The cast-iron and glass roof and solid masonry of the walls graced with splendid stucco decorations are a masterful combination of modern and traditional construction techniques. The gallery opens out onto Via Pessina, Via Broggia and the square in front of the National Museum.

Address : 1 Via Enrico Pessina, Campania,Napoli Italy
Zip Code : 80135
Telephone : +39 081 252 5711
Rating : 2 star hotel

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