Talk of Rome and immediately a picture of ancient civilization start revolving in your mind. Rome has a rich cultural heritage and is embodied with artistic, historical, and architectural treasures.

Rome travel guide can give you an idea about the various tourist locations of the place. Even if you have a mediocre budget in your hand; you still can have the pleasure of visiting Rome, if you truly wish to do so. The reason for this is unlike Florence and Venice, Rome is not that expensive.

If you have a Rome travel guide you will learn more about how you can plan your vacation keeping within your budget. Rome travel guide can provide you with a list of hotels where you can get accommodation at a very reasonable rate. The art of Rome is something worth seeing. Only certain pricey paintings do not complete this list. You get to see the true Roman art in its marble statues that are to be found in the Museums of Rome.

Rome travel guide can give you information about the Vatican Museums, the Capitoline Museums, and the Galleria Borghese. The Vatican Museums have a rich collection of Etruscan, Greek, Assyrian, Roman, and modern religious art. The museum has a long queue of people waiting outside who have come to visit it. On the other hand, the Capitoline museum which is built on a hill reflects how Rome originated and also highlights how the city was initially designed.

Rome travel guide can enlighten which places in Rome can be visited without any hassle. For instance, if you go through the Rome travel guide you will come to know that if you visit the Capitoline museum you will not have to stand at a long queue here at least.  If you study the Rome travel guide you will attain information on how you can get an advance reservation at Galleria Borghese to visit the place.

Travel guides can also guide you on how you can get an easy transportation facility in Rome. Whenever you plan a vacation perhaps what remains foremost in your mind is how accessible are the various locations that you are planning to visit. Rome travel guide can also advise you on the food joints that are located in different corners of the city. So if you are in Rome and miss out on the Roman cuisines then you are probably missing an integral part of Roman life. So get hold of a good guide and start exploring this wonderful vibrating place.