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Piazza d el Duomo

The gigantic central square in front of Milan cathedral has always been a reference point for Milan’s town planners. It was a meeting point for important roads before and during the Roman period. In the 4th century, it was a religious center with the construction of the Basilica of Santa Tecla.

Blue Note Srl

Soulful musicians from around the world delight a diverse group of fans. The only Blue Note in Europe is a popular affair, seven nights a week. Take a light, Lombardian style dinner as smooth and heartfelt jazz fills the room.

Torre Velasca

The most famous and discussed skyscraper in the center of Milan was designed by the BBPR studio (Banfi, Belgiojoso, Peressutti, Rogers): it was begun in 1950 and completed 8 years later. At 106 meters high, it was the symbol of Milanese architecture after WW2.

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