Welcome to the Lazio Travel & Tourism guide which will guide you throughout your travel to Lazio . Here at Lazio travel guide, you can find the best restaurents in Lazio , tourist attractions in Lazio , bar & nightclubs in Lazio , for your accommodation, you can book your hotels in Lazio . Apart of this, this Lazio travel & tourism guide will also help you in finding the other necessary & useful information like if you are fond of reading and want to spend your time, can visit library, book stores and much more to enjoy.

The Vatican

The Vatican is among the most important historical sites in the world. The seat of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican is also the home of the Pope. As the smallest state in the world, the Vatican has figured in key events throughout history. Occupying about one half kilometer of Rome, The Vatican is further significant because of its fabulous architecture, religious, and artistic treasures.

Suonintorno Srl

One of Rome’s largest and most energetic nightclubs, Alpheus contains three sprawling rooms, each with a different musical sound and an ample number of bars.

Castel Sant’Angelo

The splendid fortress of Castel Sant’Angelo was originally built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian in 139 CE. In the 10th Century CE it was transformed into a castle, then, 500 years later, into the elegant residence of Pope Alexander VI Borgia. Michelangelo designed the marvelous main court for Pope Leo X and many of the rooms inside are decorated with frescoes of great beauty. It is also been used to house prisoners.

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