A Travel Experience in Siena, Italy

The Piazza Del Campo is quiet, the early morning sun slowly lighting the storefronts and medieval palaces that line the fan chapped plaza. The piazza, the heart of Siena is best known as the location of Palio, a horse race run twice a year, in July and August, for the glory of the 17 districts that make up the city. This is a city that is worth exploring and taking a vacation to see an old aspect of Italy.

View from the Torre Del Mangia

The people of Siena, a city founded by Roman emperor Augustus, are warm and friendly, quick to answer a stranger’s question. They calmly go about their business, stopping to chat with friends as if they were the only ones standing in the center of ancient streets. They speak in low voices in a language that many believe is the purest form of Italian. A vacation to this part of Italy can be a real treat for travelers looking for authentic art, food, music, and architecture.

While traveling in Siena Italy on vacation, you will find that it’s one of the rare beauties of Europe, a medieval city that stubbornly exists within the confines of a modern world. Most homes display one of 17 flags, each distinguished by a different color and animal design and signifying one of Siena’s 17 districts. Each district is actually a small city hidden inside a larger one.

While you vacation in Siena Italy, you will see that this city is built for walking and the city is circular. None of Siena’s streets is level, and the city sprawls on a series of hills, surrounded be luscious vistas of the Tuscan countryside. Most of the predominantly Gothic homes and buildings that line the narrow streets bear the reddish-brown hues known as burnt Siena. Each dwelling’s exterior must be maintained in colors regulated by the city. The shutters may only be painted grey, green, or Terra di Siena red; facades must be ocher, pink, brick red, or marble white.

When you travel and vacation in Siena, you will see that it is one of the richest cities in Italy. Restaurants are crowded year-round and the shops are filled with wonders from oak barrel-aged wine to fine silverware and furniture to exotic meats and cheeses.

There’s virtually no crime, and other than traffic and crowd control, the police seem to have little to do. The population is among Italy’s best-educated, and a first-rate medical school draws students worldwide. For a true Italian travel experience, a vacation to Siena Italy can be a magical experience.

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